Mobile Warming Premium Socks 3.7V Gray/Black

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*This product is in our February Insight, please visit our retail store or call (717) 653-5524 for pricing*

Free to download via App Store or Google Play Store, MW Connect app. Through the MW Connect app, you can use your smartphone to quickly toggle through up to 4 Mobile Warming heated garments and adjust 4 individual heat levels to your liking. MW Connect allows you to get real-time updates on battery levels and update your garments when new firmware becomes available. IOS and Android compatible.

  • Tri-blend Construction, 91% Cotton 8% Nylon 1% Elastic
  • Moisture-wicking SweatSheer
  • Anti-Microbial OdorSheer
  • Hidden Wires
  • Bluetooth enabled, Wirelessly Adjust Heat Levels with MW Connect App, 4 Selectable Heat Settings